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SureShot 9-Foot Golf Ball Retriever

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  • Brand New. Factory Sealed. Still in Plastic!
  • Extends up to 9 Feet!
  • Ball Trapping Mechanism Holds Golf Balls Securely
  • Fits In Golf Bag for Easy Retrieval
  • Made of Rust-Free Aluminum
  • Pays For Itself, Over and Over Again!

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$ 13 99
53% Off Retail Price $ 29.99

SAVE A TON of Money in Golf Balls with this Izzo SureShot 9-Foot Golf Ball Retriever!

Pays for itself with just a few saved golf balls!

The lightweight Izzo Golf SureShot Golf Ball Retriever will allow you to get those expensive golf balls of yours (and any others that you can see) that are just out of reach.

This Izzo grabber is made from non-rustable aluminum, extends a full 9 feet, yet will collapse down to fit comfortably in your golf bag.

Hey, we can't help you losing strokes, but we can help you losing money.  For every ball that just drops into the water, you can now get back.  Simply, pull out your new grabber, extend its length and snag your ball.  Once your ball is in its grasp, give the pole a half-turn and the golf ball is locked in its cup for easy retrieval.

This is a great tool if you play around a lot of water hazards.

Izzo Golf, 9 ft. Ball Grabber
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