About Us


Deal A Day Golf is a U.S. company based in Phoenix, Arizona, one of the best golf destinations in the country. From October through April, when most of the nation is heading indoors to get out of the cold, you can find us enjoying beautiful weather out on the course, but I digress…

Deal A Day Golf offers golfers the best deals on golf gear that we can find. The products we sell are always authentic and originate from the original manufacturers. From time to time, we’ll carry the current year’s golf clubs, but most of the time the products we sell are the same product that was in your favorite pro shop just a few months ago.

So, it is very likely that the same $300 driver you just bought at your pro shop may soon be available on Deal A Day Golf for 50%-75% off. Of course, we cannot guarantee we’ll be able to sell what you want, when you want it, but these types of deals happen every day on our website. Everybody loves to find a steal. That’s what we try to offer.

We work with golf wholesalers and obtain products that we can offer at the best price. That’s the secret to our business. We buy low and we sell low. Because of availability, sometimes our supply is limited on any given item. In these cases, they sell out quickly. Therefore, we encourage you to check back frequently. Once something’s sold out, that’s it! We cannot guarantee we’ll be able to acquire any more of that item.

Thank you for visiting Deal A Day Golf. If you have any questions or would like to inquire if a particular product is in our inventory before it becomes available to the general public, feel free to contact us.