Return Policy

Return Policy

How do I return my order?

We give you a 14-day return period (from the date you receive the shipment) on all products we sell. Depending on the nature of the return, we have different options. We only accept returns and refunds on golf gear that is still in its NEW condition. This means that the product or club will need to be in its original condition as you received it; e.g. shrink-wrapped, sealed, unused, unworn and still in the bag. If it’s apparel, the tags cannot be removed. No used, modified, opened, worn or test driven products will be given a refund.  So, speaking from experience…  please don’t wear that new jacket we sent you around town one night and expect to return it the next day.  We don’t resell used items, and we’re certainly not responsible to take back that new driver you ordered if it doesn’t make you the second coming of Tiger Woods. Take that up with the manufacturer or your religious leaders.


We offer our customers a full refund on products that are defective from the manufacturer (or reveal themselves to be defective within 45 days of your receipt of the item), damaged by mishaps during shipping, or misrepresented by us in the description we provided on our website. A full refund includes the original purchase price of the item and shipping and handling charges you paid to receive it. If we send you the wrong club, sorry, we’ll take it back and pay your return postage as well.


We may offer partial refunds on items that are still in their new condition within 14 days of your receipt of that item. A partial refund includes the purchase price of the item you ordered and any applicable sales taxes (AZ residents only). We do not refund the original shipping and handling charges you paid when we sent the item to you. For example, if you purchase a driver for $139.99 and $9.99 S/H, and later wish to return it for any reason other than the ones we mentioned above, we will refund you the purchase price of the item, or the $139.99, if (and only if) the item is still in its brand new condition. The initial $9.99 S/H charge you incurred for postage has already been paid to the mail service and will not be refunded back to you.

You may return an order within 14 days as long as the item is still brand new and its original packaging is undamaged. Please don’t destroy or tear the packaging while opening your new item and then attempt to send it all back to us with a ripped box or shredded bag. This makes your new item a used one, and we cannot resell a used item.  We won’t be able to restock it or return it to our suppliers either, and for this reason, we can’t restock it, or resell it and never want to see it again. Your best bet would be to sell it on eBay or to your buddy who probably owes you money anyway. You are also responsible for the return shipping costs to get the item back to us.

All this being said, we will try to work with you at all times, and we really want any transaction with us to be a good experience so contact us if you have any questions. If you’re unhappy with the merchandise, first, send us an email, explaining the reason. This will begin the return process. If, after receipt and inspection of the returned of the product, we find the item in new condition, we will refund your money in the same manner you originally paid for it. Returns that include many products or larger quantities will be charged a 15% restocking fee because of the work involved to re-inventory, restock and reset all the product quantities on our website.